Top 3 Qualities to Incorporate in Promotional Products for Tradeshows

15 July 2015

Who doesn’t love getting free stuff at Perth trade shows? From a marketing perspective, though, these promotional products can drive traffic to your booth, create awareness for your brand, and even stimulate action from prospects. Considering the wide variety of giveaway items available these days, how can you best identify the one that suits your business’s purpose? Here are the three attributes that can enhance the marketing potential of your giveaways.


  1. Generic. The number one objective of tradeshow giveaways is to create strong brand awareness, and this is where generic items are particularly effective. A good generic item is one that an individual would find practical use for, long after the event associated with it. Good examples include pens, notepads, key chains, highlighters, mugs, and other similar articles. The more personal and frequent the item’s usage, the more your brand is likely to stick in people’s minds.
  2. Handy. People typically “shop” around when attending tradeshows, so try to stick to small and compact items. Likewise, consider that a recipient is likely to be traveling after the trade show. That person may consequently decide to leave inconvenient and bulky items behind, if not lose them along the way.
  3. Audience-oriented. Before you pick your giveaways, be sure to profile the population attending the convention first. For instance, leather-bound notebooks may not be the best giveaway idea if you’re participating in at vegan convention, although an anti-stress item formed in the shape of a water drop or a digital shower timer may do. If you’re catering to a techie crowd, mini cyber brushes for cleaning gadgets should prove appealing. Nail files and lip balms, on the other hand, may fare well in fashion and beauty-themed conventions. Understand your audience first so you can find a giveaway that appeals to them and delivers your brand’s message at the same time.

When giving away multiple items, you should consider at which stage of the buying process the prospect might enter. People who have the capacity to buy and are clearly in urgent need of your product deserve more expensive giveaways compared to casual observers. This way, you can balance costs and conversion odds.

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