Corporate Gifts for Your Business Travelers: The Top Four Must-Haves

20 July 2015

Do you often send employees on corporate trips within or around Sydney? As an executive yourself, you probably know that networking opportunities abound whilst on a plane or on the road. To make those frequent business trips more productive, consider purchasing these four basic corporate gifts for your travellers:


  1. Business jacket

A business jacket with your company logo on it not only keeps the wearer comfortably toasty in cold conference rooms but also serves as a great way to promote your businesses at out-of-town conventions or tradeshows. Such a garment gives the impression that employees are proud to be a part of your company, which adds to a favourable brand impression. Wool blend is a good jacket cloth option because it’s airy, stretchy, and durable, not to mention easy to blend well with both high-end and common fabrics.

  1. Power bank

Electronic gadgets have become indispensable in recent years, so furnishing your business travellers with corporate branded power banks simply makes a lot of sense. These fall-back devices are particularly handy when phone batteries are nearly drained and important calls are expected. Power banks with ample capacities can also be used to recharge laptops, cameras, and other devices.

  1. Business planner

Electronic organisers may be versatile, but they are not entirely without risk. What if the battery dies, the gadget itself gets lost, or the notes get deleted by accident? This is where a business planner comes in handy. Additionally, writing by hand imprints schedules on the mind more effectively than typing or tapping away on a digital device. Most business planners are also equipped with pockets for business cards, IDs, and pen loops.

  1. Computer backpack

Computer backpacks, no matter the design, can wear down over time due to everyday stress. In any case, you wouldn’t want your employees to face your clients while carrying faded, tattered backpacks with torn straps. Quality computer backpacks have a generous number of compartments, sufficient padding to protect electronic gadgets, and weatherproof construction.

Aside from the network exposure and hotel living, quality corporate gifts provide your budding rookies extra travel perks that further motivate them to bring home the bacon. Corporate branding specialists such as Astute Promotions provide a wide range of custom giveaways that enable you to achieve greater advertising mileage.


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