Great Corporate Gift Ideas Your Valued Clients Will Really Appreciate

24 July 2015

Giving gifts to your clients is a great way to thank them for their patronage and support for your business. This practice also helps build good relationships and presents an opportunity to do some brand marketing at the same time. However, not all gifts are well received; some may end up in the bin or left in a drawer to accumulate dust. To avoid wasting your efforts and resources, here are some great corporate gift ideas your valued clients will surely appreciate and find useful.


Something Useful

Nobody throws out something of practical value. For this reason, choose something that is appropriate to the recipient’s stature and the nature of the business. For instance, a client who has a small office business in Perth would appreciate finely made pens, and notebooks, not to mention drink ware such as coffee mugs, stubby holders, and coasters. It pays to know who your clients are so you can send them a gift they’ll be grateful to receive.

Something Personal

Clients who have been with you for a very long time no doubt deserve a special gift. A wristwatch, for instance, is typically appropriate for a businessman. If your client is an outgoing and active person, sportswear and backpacks are the perfect gifts. If you have built a good business relationship with one of your patrons over the years, and you know their personality very well, you can afford to be a little more personal and lavish with your giveaways. Take care not to imply, however, that you are offering a bribe.

Something Timely

Holidays, company anniversaries, promotions, business partnership anniversaries, and even personal milestones are some of the most popular gift giving occasions. Choose an appropriate corporate gift to mark a special event and show that you care for your clients and your relationship with them. Get them in a festive mood by giving hip flasks, wine glass sets, or cheese boards.

Corporate gift giving is almost an unspoken tradition in the world of business. Companies like Astute Promotions provide a wide selection of gifts that help you build better relationships and partnerships with your valued clients.


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