Choose High-Quality Promotional Items to Maximise Trade Show Benefits

04 August 2015

Trade shows throughout Australia’s leading business hubs, such as Perth, provide the perfect opportunities to use your promotional products to maximum effect. Play your cards right at these industry sponsored events, and you can reap huge benefits for your business.


Smart Insights breaks these benefits down into four general aspects.

Lead Generation

Amongst other things, you stand to gain lucrative and highly targeted business leads. Take each trade show you join as an opportunity to expand your customer base. You can expect attendees to be actively seeking what you offer, and even ready to close a deal right there and then. In other words, the leads you gather at these events can be far more valuable than contacts picked out at random from a business directory.

Key Takeaways

Second, you can learn a lot from taking part in such an event. Trade shows provide various insights on the current condition of your industry and where it’s headed, after all. You can also learn about effective strategies and how to adapt to the latest trends.

Brand Building

Consistent attendance at trade shows is a good brand-building practice. You’d especially want the added mileage if you are in an industry that is heavy on trust and reputation. Participating in a trade show provides an impression of reliability and determination for your company. Your company becomes a more “established” industry player from the perspective of your customers.

No-Sweat Sales

You can close sales without much effort on your part. After all, most people who attend trade shows are actively seeking products or services from your industry. Since you do not have to be as aggressive with sales as you’d need to be outside, you are less likely to rub your prospects the wrong way.

Being Prepared

Keep in mind, however, that trade shows provide you with an opportunity, not a guarantee. recommends focusing on quality rather than quantity. Instead of attempting to convince all attendees to visit your booth, fine-tune your marketing campaign, email blasts, and on-site promotions towards a more targeted set of prospects.

At any rate, be sure to keep your branding goals in mind. Every giveaway you hand out should be no less than top quality and designed in line with your corporate image. In addition, make sure you have enough promotional items in stock by ordering in advance. Trusted suppliers of promotional products such as Astute Promotions can provide what you need.


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