Add-on Promotional Products and Other Tips to Make Your Mail Outs Work

07 September 2015

Mail outs are must-haves in every strategic marketing campaign. Since the items are targeted, you can be confident that your money is spent on a market pool with higher conversion odds. Additionally, mail outs promote brand recognition since they can be shared with other members of the household or office. Furthermore, they provide plenty of information which can be used for later reference, unlike other types of advertising where exposure is fleeting.

In spite of their marketing power, however, mail outs have one of the highest rejection rates. People are barraged with advertising messages every day, after all, so you need to exert a bit more effort to make sure your mail outs capture your targets’ attention and convince them to take your desired action. From using promotional products or other freebies as complements to enhancing your overall content quality, there are many ways you can improve mail outs to boost the bottom line for your Perth business. 

Solutions vs. Features

Many marketing gurus agree that you need to connect to your audience on an emotional level if you want to sell them the big picture. For instance, if you offer services, you should focus your messaging on “relaxation” rather than “deep tissue massage”. How many competitors out there, though, claim the same? If you say your product is of high quality, what is your basis? Not many audiences take claims at face value, so there should be a balance between the two. 

Given that brochures or pamphlets hardly provide adequate space for you to elaborate on both points, the trick is to know your prospects first. For instance, if you are targeting business-minded or techie consumers who favour the specifics, it would make sense to use features that appeal to logic. 

Offer something for free

The best things in life are “free”, so to make your mail outs more motivating, offer your audience something at no cost. The options include information, product demonstrations, samples, or even promotional items, such as specialty give-aways from Perth companies like Astute Promotions. Giveaways are enticing enough, much more if the recipients can find long-term use for these items.

Never forget the call to action

Create a sense of urgency to prompt action with statements like “Buy now!”, “Hurry while supplies last!”, “Give it a try!”, and other similar turns of phrase. Entice your audience with something exciting that awaits them in-store. Don’t just leave your number; ask them to call you or visit your website or make an order right away. You are sure to sound more convincing if you present what you have with gusto!

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