Corporate Branding: 3 Tips to Turn Employees into Brand Ambassadors

08 September 2015

When you say “brand”, what usually comes to mind? As a new business owner, perhaps you think of your company’s logo, your products, your taglines, and marketing campaigns. Although these are all essential elements of corporate branding, there is one other factor you should not overlook: brand ambassadorship. 

Your marketing department shouldn’t be solely responsible for nurturing brand recognition and acceptance. Each member of your workforce should contribute to the entirety of a company’s identity. Your employees, for instance, could be sharing stories about their work experience outside. How they conduct themselves in public will also, in a way, affect how people perceive your brand. 

Here are 3 tips on how you can promote brand ambassadorship throughout all levels of your organisation: 

Don’t keep your goals a secret. 

People need a sense of direction in what they do. If you confine employee training to the technical aspects of the job, your people won’t be aware of their role’s importance in achieving your corporate goals. In a survey cited by, of 3,000 randomly chosen workers, only 41 per cent say that they know what their company stands for and what distinguishes it from their competitors. 

Now think of this: How can your people fulfil your brand’s promise if they are not aware of it in the first place? Educate your employees and make sure that they fully understand the essence of your company’s existence. 

Open your lines of communication. 

Your employees must be encouraged to participate in discussions about customer service. Let them know how you expect them to act outside and in what way they can make every encounter more positive and memorable. Hold focus group meetings regularly to learn about their understanding of the brand. Ask for their suggestions on how management can further enhance customer experiences. Pay attention to the feedback relayed to you and take note of which aspects of your brand customers find most meaningful. Update your marketing strategies accordingly. 

Be generous with rewards. 

Your brand ambassadors will be more motivated if you reward them with perks aside from cash. If your brand performance review yields positive results, consider organising a party to celebrate that achievement and recognise your people’s contributions. It’s also reasonable to give them extra time off work when they’ve been breaking their backs for weeks bringing in conversions. 

Consider giving away corporate gifts, too. Companies like Astute Promotions provide an online catalogue of business essentials that your brand ambassadors in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin, Hobart, or Adelaide will certainly appreciate. Often, it’s the little things that count. 

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