Make Your Mark: Use Your Brand Colours on Business Shirts and Uniforms

10 September 2015

Consumers are known to associate certain physical attributes to companies. Once they do, that brand will forever be distinguished by whatever is retained in the customer’s mind. For instance, the colours you pick to represent your company will play a big role in brand establishment and future marketing initiatives. 

Your colours don’t just have to appear on your products, logos or merchandise; they should also be worn with pride on the customised business shirts and uniforms that you provide your employees.

Benefits of Colour Branding

Colour branding can do wonders for product recall and sales. Take Heinz as an example. According to an article on Inc., sales of the food brand’s newly unveiled product went off the charts simply because it stood out. In a shelf full of ketchup bottles with red logos, the green colour on the packaging caught the eyes of consumers. 

The strategic use of colour on corporate apparel can have similar effects. Among other things, you can increase brand recognition and awareness. Subliminally, providing your customers an easy way to tell your employees apart from that of your competitors helps establish trust as shoppers can easily identify your company representatives and turn to them for assistance. 

Choosing the Right Colours

The choice of colours is not just a matter of artistic preference. You can’t just pick blue because it was your favourite colour growing up. This choice should be treated as an important business decision given that each colour is associated with a different meaning and effect. For example, red evokes passion, energy, and power but could also be seen to symbolise anger and danger. Green, on the other hand, calls to mind nature, freshness, and newness but is also linked to emotions like jealousy and envy. Therefore, one should think twice before using any arbitrary colour on a uniform. 

Applying Your Brand Colours

Once you have established your company’s core brand colours, choose fabrics that will accurately depict the colours, especially if you are going for a simple design. For this reason, you would do well to get embroidered polo shirts, vests, and other business apparel from trusted suppliers like Astute Promotions. If a sophisticated uniform design is what you are after, you can tell your supplier to simply add colour details instead of basing the entire outfit on certain colours. 

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