Corporate Gift Ideas: Why You Should Consider Business Card Holders

11 September 2015

In the age of smartphones, when people can exchange contact information with the touch of a button, do business card holders still make viable corporate gift ideas? Does that not make business cards and, consequently, business card holders, obsolete? The answer might surprise you.

Business Cards are Thriving

Even in today’s digitally dominated world, there’s something about these little pieces of rectangular paper that speak immensely of power. At meetings, conferences, and even tech gatherings, businesspeople choose to exchange business cards instead of tapping away on their smartphones. According to Business Insider Australia, even Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg sees fit to hand out business cards. That sort of staying power simply defies expectations.

Why Business Cards Remain Relevant

The common expectation is that today’s technology renders paper-based content a bit archaic. For instance, people tend to no longer write letters except in special circumstances. They just call each other on the phone, send emails, or use instant messengers.

Business cards, however, are rather immune from this trend largely because people know to look beyond what is written on a business card and focus instead on what it signifies. Entrepreneur notes that business cards are now an extension of the brands they represent. Whenever businesspeople meet face-to-face with future clients or partners for the first time, the business card is often the prospects’ first exposure to the brand. Therefore, the card is a unique opportunity to make a great first impression.

The use of business cards also imparts a sense of professionalism. Regardless of the nature or scale of business, an exchange of business cards lends an air of legitimacy to an initial encounter.

What this Means for Your Gift Ideas

As you may deduce, a business card holder with your logo on it can be a great corporate gift for many reasons. First, it shows that you value your customers by giving them something useful and elegant at the same time. Second, you help your brand stick to their minds as every time they hand out a business card, they are reminded of you. Through these and other high-quality corporate gifts, you can strengthen relationships with valuable clients.

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