Are You Making the Most of Your Brand using Promotional Products?

21 October 2015

In a digital marketing world where everything is online or in the cloud, it’s very easy to forget the basics of good company promotion. No matter what business you are in, using packaging to promote your company logo, whether on paper, plastic bags or boxes, is the most basic form of promotional marketing.


Pormotional Products


Coke and Pepsi are probably the most notable businesses using packaging to promote their brand, they spend millions of dollars annually. The promotional packaging is still visible long after the product has been consumed. Even the guy removing the bin bag full of crushed cans knows what everyone has been consuming.



Promotional Marketing in Action

Promotional marketing becomes doubly important if you are considering booking a trade stand to promote your business: for instance, if you are in the service industry supplying food and drink at events, or retailing products at shows. No matter what the business, getting your brand out there, making it the one noticed by others is what it’s all about.

In large areas like Western Australia, using promotional products in Perth, whether from a business premises, or shows and events, can expand your brand to become a known identity across the region.

Branded giveaways are always a plus. With products like key-rings, lighters, pens, mugs, drinks holders, notepads, caps, and many others available for a few dollars, even the smallest of businesses can engage in good promotional marketing. Everyone likes a freebie, and with the cost of these products, giving a free key ring, printed with company logo to a customer isn’t going to break the bank. The value of having that customer display your brand for everyone to see is well worth the investment.

Cost-Effective Alternative

If you wholesale trade products, and your customer spends $500.00 on your products, a free tee-shirt thrown into the order with your company logo on chest, shoulders, or back is always a nice touch. All the time he wears it, your company logo is noticed and promoted. Promotional advertising can be far more cost effective than weekly newspaper ads to get your message across.

Corporate promotional products cover everything from stubby holders to calculators, pens and fridge magnets can be very popular and cost effective. Festivals and events which attract large crowds and television audiences are a perfect spot to consider how best to get your message seen by the masses. Caps and T-shirts can be very cost effective in these situations. Sponsoring the big, most prestigious events televised nationwide, enables large corporations to display their brands to a wide audience having their logos and products on everything that does, and doesn’t move.

Most businesses do not have large marketing budgets like their corporate counterparts, but the same advantages can be taken from a well thought out and effective branding campaign. Given enough thought and careful planning on your target market can have a huge positive impact on your bottom line and bring about a happier and more loyal customer. Thankfully, you can trust companies in Perth like Astute Promotions to provide you with promotional products which engage your clients and take your brand to the next level.

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