Utilising Corporate Promotional Products to Raise Brand Awareness

17 November 2015

From hotels to major brands that are known worldwide, businesses of all sizes and nature use promotional products as part of their branding strategy. If your Perth business isn't already benefiting from corporate merchandise and promotional products, now is definitely the time to start. With a lower cost per impression than many other forms of advertising, it's a great way to attract new customers and clients.



Corporate Promotional Products


The Benefits of Promotional Products

With 66 percent of people claiming they remember brands associated with free promotional products, it's clear they're excellent at making businesses stand out in the recipient's mind. In addition, over 89 percent keep their promotional item for more than a year, which increases the number of people who see it. Finally, more than 56 percent said they developed a better impression of the company after receiving the product.

In addition to increasing brand awareness, corporate merchandise costs less than many other forms of advertising. This is especially the case when you opt for pens, pencils and other stationary items. However, you can still benefit from slightly more expensive pieces, such as USB sticks and umbrellas.

What Types of Promotional Products are Available?

Promotional products may range from t-shirts and bags, or even branded electrical goods. Writing instruments are particularly popular, as they're suitable for almost every kind of business. However, it's possible to choose items that target the business' ideal audience. For example, torches and headwear may suit those in the construction or sporting industries.

As far as apparel is concerned, it's possible to select items according to gender, which allows businesses to target a broad range of demographics. Creating items like bags is particularly useful, as recipients are more likely to use them.

Whether you have a design in mind or you need assistance, companies such as Astute Promotions have a solution for you. You can use your own logo or design, or you can allow a professional to create one for you.

When choosing a product, try to think about what the recipient is most likely to use, as this generates greater exposure. Thanks to the broad range of products available, corporate promotional products are now available to suit every budget.

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