Establishing a Strong Brand: Getting a Kick out of Corporate Branding

23 December 2015

As a new fledgling company, trying to establish a presence, promote your brand and advertise your products or services can be an expensive and frustrating time. Your branding strategy requires considerable planning if it’s not to become a money pit.



Strong Corporate Branding


The Beginning of Branding

From the very outset you need to be totally happy with your company name and logo, it’s the one thing that throughout any promotional activity mustn’t change. You want consumers in 10 years’ time to see your logo and know exactly who you are, and what you do.

Whether on your company website, social media page, adverts in print magazines or journals, your logo should be immediately recognisable. You could be a roofer named John Smith with a roofing business in Sydney. John Smith Roofing, or JS Roofing, could be your chosen trading name, you will need a strong, well designed logo. Companies like Astute Promotions, who specialise in company branding and corporate gifts in Sydney, Perth and all over Australia, can help you design a brand logo totally unique to you and your business.

Get Your Brand on the Sports Field

By now all of your roofing teams will be wearing polo-shirts and overalls bearing your company name, logo and telephone number. People walking past can immediately see the corporate branding and if they require a similar service for their home, take note of the name and number to contact at a later date. These efforts are, for some business owners, more than enough, but why not take it one step further?

With Australians love of sport and the great outdoors, cities like Sydney and Melbourne have sports arenas and playing fields for every sport you can think of. Almost from the cradle children are out throwing, kicking, or hitting balls. From the age of five or six, local neighbourhood and club teams are being formed, joining leagues, and playing regularly on, Saturday, Sunday or week-day evenings. Whether Australian Rules football, soccer, cricket, athletics, or girls netball or volleyball teams they all require one thing: uniforms.

Sponsor a Team

If you have a child, or children, who have joined a local sport’s team, enquire about sponsoring their kit. Even if you have no kids, approach the team manager, especially if it’s a newly formed team. The kit still has to be bought, usually from parent’s contributions and club funds.

Offering to provide the kit will make you everybody’s favourite person, and provide your business with a great benefit for your corporate branding efforts through quality exposure week in and week out. Remember, teams usually play home and away, helping promote your business to a wider audience.

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