Corporate Gift Ideas: Personalising Your Corporate Card Holder Gifts

29 December 2015

Giving personalised gifts is an art that takes a lot of creativity and thought. Corporate gifting is a practice that has been ongoing for a long time. However, there have been some changes regarding how companies provide gifts nowadays. Personalised gifts have become the order of the day. It is not enough to give your major clients gifts just for the sake of it. Whatever gift you intend to give, customising enhances its appeal and demonstrates creativity and appreciation.




One corporate gift idea that you can explore is a card holder. You can supply card holders to your major clients, employees or potential customers. A card holder is practical because people still use business cards for contact information, and they need to store them. Take a look at these corporate gift ideas for your card holders.

Personalising Messages

A customised message for a particular client is one idea that can work well for you. As much as giving a gift shows appreciation, you can do a lot to show the recipient that you were thinking about them. Put messages on the card holders you are giving as gifts. Words of inspiration and quotes are always safe bets.

Another type of message that you can place on a card holder is well wishes. If a client has a significant life event coming up, you can use that to personalise their card holder. For instance, you can have a birthday greeting or a congratulatory message on a card holder – it may even be a business anniversary. Such personalisation will make the recipient feel special because there is something unique about his or her gift. Make the gift all about the recipient when giving.

Custom Designs

Your corporate business card holder should be aesthetically pleasing and suit your target market. If you are going to give your employees card holders, give thought to whether they need to be portable or placed on a desk. A glass card holder, for example, is elegant and stylish. You can have engravings of images and patterns to make a card holder look beautiful. If you give an exceptionally beautiful holder, the recipient will be more likely to use and keep it and will always remember you and your business.

The secret to personalising a gift is making it unique to the recipient. Find out what a person’s favourite colour is and see if you can work it into the gift item. You can also have their favourite quote on the card holder you are gifting them.

A custom-made and personalised business card holder, produced by companies like Astute Promotions, can become a fantastic advertising and promotional tool. You can be sure that your client won’t be passing on their card holder if you put their name on it!

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