Of Uniforms and Corporate Wear: A Combination of Form and Function

06 January 2016

It is no secret that the corporate office can be a challenging environment. Many firms will employ the use of specially designed uniforms in order to increase brand recognition alongside a greater sense of internal cohesion.




Unfortunately, low-quality garments can present a number of problems. One example can be seen in tightly woven cotton fabrics, an otherwise breathable material, which are entirely too hot and uncomfortable. Choosing the perfect corporate wear should always be about making the employees comfortable and look professional.

The Custom-Made Edge

The notion of "one size fits all" should always be avoided. While cost is a concern, any clothing designed for corporate or even hospital environments should be made with functionality in mind. Products which are mass produced to be one size fits all, are rarely able to satisfy this need.

Recognise that the advantages of custom-made products go far beyond the comfort of the wearer. By presenting a more professional appeal, the firm itself will enjoy a more favourable presentation to the public. There is a very real marketing benefit behind this approach.

Logos and Branding

You might remain confused on the need for bespoke logos, business details and personalised embroidery or screen print, such as an employee’s name. There are a handful of considerations that should be addressed. First, how durable is the logo and is it able to stand up to numerous washes? Secondly, what types of branding methods are used?

The most trusted companies providing business shirts, like Astute Promotions, will generally provide a number of different options. Some examples here can include embossing, embroidery, transfer printing, and woven printing. These choices will normally satisfy the discrete needs of the business in question.

Functionality alongside Comfort

Branding requirements aside, it is critical that customers are presented with garments that are both durable and comfortable. Concerns such as shrinkage, fit and odour retention are key areas to consider before committing to one supplier over another. Remember that business and institutional clothing both represent very real investments. Performing an adequate amount of research in advance will help to avoid costly mistakes.

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