Great Corporate Gift Ideas: Making Them Significant to the Recipient

11 January 2016

Giving a gift to a loved one is enough for a person to feel a considerable amount of stress. Imagine the pressure a business owner would feel with the idea of giving gifts to their loyal customers and colleagues.




Corporate gifts, however, require more thought than personal gifts, and particular guidelines should be followed. Choosing the wrong gift may present the wrong message to your clients and colleagues. An effective gift, then, should be significant to the recipient, and here are some helpful corporate gift ideas to get you started on looking for the right one.

Transforming Customers into Brand Loyalists

Every business owner knows that converting a prospect into a buyer is not the end of every marketing effort. They must create an experience that will convert their buyers into loyal customers, or one that would spread the word about your products and services. Such experience can be created with a gift that’s not only unexpected, but also memorable.

One important factor to remember is to make these gifts not about your company, but about your customers. The process if giving gifts to your customers should be centred on showing a continuous stream of appreciation for them, and it can be through simple yet useful gifts.

Avoid Extravagant Gifts

There’s always a fine line between gifts that show appreciation to a person and gifts that are extravagant. Showing appreciation to everyone, customers and colleagues, doesn’t mean you have to go over the top. Simply giving gift hampers would do, as long as these are tailored to an individual’s personal tastes and hobbies.

In gifting colleagues, gifts that are too personal may make them feel uncomfortable. It’s better to play safe and give them useful and hobby related gifts, which makes for a personalised yet not too personal gift. Giving quality branded stubby holders, for example, manufactured by Perth companies like Astute Promotions, can be a great way to get your brand seen in everybody’s backyard – perfect for summer BBQ’s and the holiday season. What better way to promote your brand when everybody is in a good mood and enjoying themselves away from the office.

Choose Gifts that You will Want to Own

The best way of determining the impact a corporate gift will make to a customer is your own opinion about them. If you see them as impersonal and cheap promotional stuff, chances are your customers and colleagues will see them the same way. In choosing corporate gifts, remember to go for those that will speak well of your company.

In giving out corporate gifts, you’re also opening an opportunity for giving among the workplace. Gift-giving, however, isn’t reserved for the holidays and for special occasions, as you can always make someone’s ordinary day special with a thoughtful gift.

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