Up Your Marketing and Branding Game by Using Promotional Products

12 February 2016

One form of marketing that businesses can overlook is that of promotional item distribution, which when used correctly, can leave an impression on current and prospective clients. When it comes to choosing the promotional products to invest in, you should consider how, when and where you’re going to distribute them. The following are a few scenarios where the use of these items can up your marketing and branding game significantly, among other benefits.

marketing promotional product


In the Office … and Out of It


Your employees are the perfect people for whom you should purchase promotional items. Giving them branded office supplies to use, for instance, imparts a sense of belonging to the company. The morale boost in this is a pleasant outcome that benefits both the employee and your business. The same effect can be achieved by distributing other employee items that represent your brand, such as umbrellas, shirts, stationery and headwear. Just imagine a group of them going out to lunch brandishing these products—it’s essentially a walking, breathing billboard for your company.

Gifts for Your Customers

Customers are key to your ongoing business and, as such, are perfect candidates for receiving some of your promotional items. You can position these items as add-ons to their purchases. If your core business revolves around sending products to your customers via mail, consider including a branded product in each parcel, such as a key ring, coaster or bottle opener. Crafting promos around company merchandise is another strategy, one that increases customer engagement along with pushing brand awareness and recall.

Conference and Tradeshow Giveaways

Do you or representatives of your business regularly attend conferences or events within your industry? These are often some of the best ways to distribute your branded products to people who will find them useful. Popular promotional items for these events include lanyards, eco-friendly shopping bags, notebooks and pens.

When pursuing this marketing and branding strategy, you need not confine yourself to the typical promotional items that every other company is already distributing. While there is certainly value in going the tried and tested route, sometimes big risks pay off. Promo item providers like Astute Promotions, which caters to Perth and other cities in Australia, have a wide inventory of products that range from the traditional to the quirky. They can help you pick the promotional items that will successfully tell the world that “You are here.”


How to Integrate Promotional Products Into Your Marketing Strategy, Downgraf