Corporate Gift Ideas: The Astonishing Value of a Business Card Holder

08 February 2016

Everyone is aware of the importance of business cards. Not only are they an entirely personal means to exchange information within a network, but they are also still considered the most effective direct marketing tool in existence. So how can a business card holder add to this appeal and why is this handy device so important today?


Business Card Holder


The Power of Professionalism

There is nothing worse than fumbling around for a business card after a high-level meeting with potential stakeholders. A card holder carries an air of professionalism that is hard to miss. It hints on a keen sense of organization and an overall business-like approach to things. The exchange of cards is one of the last steps in a meeting, and the final image one wants to project at this moment is that of someone who is cool, calm and collected. 

More Than a Card Holder

Many modern units serve other purposes besides organizing business cards. For example, they can be used to house other important items such as notepads, calculators, pens, pencils and even a smartphone. This all-in-one capacity proves useful when on the road and will surely be enjoyed by the growing number of professionals who are now spending time away from their desks.

Branding and Logo Identification

The practice of exchanging business cards is integral to networking and marketing, and a personalised business card holder can amplify brand visibility if it’s labeled right. A card holder that bears the company name or logo can be seen by people in the area and they don’t even need to receive a card for that. There are also times when a card holder is placed in a public location, like in a business symposium, a seminar or even at the entrance to an office. Visitors and potential clients can simply pluck a card and store for later contact. Once again, the central theme here revolves around brand identity and a sense of professional courtesy. It is often stated that even the smallest of conveniences can have a lasting impact upon the overall engagement experience. Such card holders can provide this much-needed edge within a competitive environment.

While modern business cards themselves are indeed powerful tools, it is critical to recall that card holders can be just as impressive. Their value is heightened when they are designed well to buoy the image of the person handing out the card, as well as the company that is represented. With all the advantages they bring to the table, they are definitely on the list of the best corporate gift ideas for businesses.




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