Picking the Right Corporate Wear for Your Employees and Your Business

05 February 2016

Having a corporate look for your employees keeps the workplace smart and makes staff easily identifiable, so your customers can always find someone to help them. It pays to think about the look you want to project, as well as the comfort of your staff, when picking appropriate workwear.


corporate wear


Business shirts, perhaps worn with a logo tie for men, are the classic work uniform. Whether or not you choose to embellish them with your brand, if everyone wears the same colour and cut, you will achieve a smart look that pulls the workplace together. Shirts can be paired with matching trousers or skirts, but many employers let their staff choose the rest of their outfit. If you offer both short and long sleeved options, the look will work all year round.

Shirts are great for an office or shop environment, but don't work as well for some other businesses. If staff are likely to get hot, cold or dirty during the course of their work, a shirt and tie isn't the best choice. Luckily, today's corporate wear includes a wide range of options.

A polo shirt is a great choice for active staff, perhaps at an automotive workshop, supermarket or sports centre. Polo shirts work indoors and outdoors, and make your employees easy to spot at a distance. A polo shirt strikes a good balance between smart and casual, giving employees a neat appearance, but not too formal.

Your staff will appreciate how little care it takes to keep a polo shirt looking smart, since they require little to no ironing.

For women, a long sleeved top is more casual than a shirt, but smarter than a polo. Female staff will appreciate being able to pick from a range of colours, rather than just one corporate shade.

Adding a knitwear option to your business look is a good way to give staff flexibility. Cardigans, pullovers and sleeveless vests can be put on or taken off according to the weather, so nobody has to be too hot or too cold.

Give your staff the option to dress appropriately and both they and your customers will be happier for it.




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