The Ethics of Gifting-Discover the Best Corporate Ideas to Realize

03 February 2016

Corporate gifting is a form of target marketing that has been in use for years with great results. A company can obtain various products, brand them with their logo and then use them as giveaways. An enterprise can choose to give corporate gifts to their loyal clients and employees. There is an art to corporate gifting and it starts with finding the right product to use. If a company gets it wrong, the gift may not be utilised or may even be discarded.


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It helps to keep your products simple and functional. A stubby holder, for instance, could make an excellent corporate gift and will be well utilised displaying your company logo or message in a positive environment amongst friends and colleagues at BBQ’s and office functions or even trade show after parties. Customised stubby holders in Perth are available in a range of shapes and styles. There is an etiquette that characterises corporate gifting, knowing the basics will set you on your way to achieving the desired results.

No Expectations



Corporate gifts are not incentives. Giving an incentive means that you want to get something from the recipient in return. A corporate gift is for appreciation and should never be more than that. As a company, you should not expect anything from the recipient for your gift.

Gauge the Worth

The value of a gift requires careful consideration. There was a time when there were restrictions on corporate gifting because companies went to the extreme. You must be mindful of a gifts value as it may cause misinterpretation. Buying a car for a client or employee, for example, may look suspicious and have other implications. For this reason, stick to simple corporate gift ideas.

Know the Recipient

Some gifts can backfire if you are not careful. Give plenty of thought when selecting the appropriate corporate gift. Certain gifts will suit certain markets and jobs – USB sticks in IT, pens and diaries for office employees, a portable mug or thermos for sales reps out on the road. Always think about how the recipient of a gift will utilise it. Know about an individual, what they like, and use that to guide you when selecting a corporate gift.

Learn Company Policies

In this day and age, most companies have policies for gifting. It is the way enterprises ensure that there is no abuse of the traditional practice of corporate gifting. Ensure you avoid any pitfalls and misunderstandings of corporate gifting by speaking with the professionals at Astute Promotions.


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