How to Design Business Shirts that Speak Well about Your Firm

01 February 2016

Giving away promo t-shirts has long been an effective way to promote a business of any sort. They are successful in expanding a company’s reach since shirts go everywhere the wearer’s travel. T-shirts are hard to miss and most people take the time to read what is printed on them. Here are some useful ideas on how you can make your branded business shirts function to improve your brand.


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Be Different

Be unique with your ideas. Promotional shirts are worn everyday by many people of all shapes and sizes. Enterprises have been doing this for decades and it has never been out of style. Finding something unique in style or colour will have a significant advantage. The point of branding t-shirts for your business is to get people to take notice. If your shirts look similar to those of your competitors, they will blend in and wont stand out and sell your message or brand. Talk to your promotional company and work on designs and styles that make an impact.

Simplicity Wins

Even with creative designs, try to maintain simplicity. Minimalism is the best way to go about business shirt design. Excessive information and colours will distract people from taking in the real message you are trying to sell. Take into account that people have their individual tastes. Try to get a design that will appeal to the biggest chunk of your target audience. Effective branding is all about enticement.

Have High Standards

Quality goes a long way when giving out promotional products. If you are planning a tradeshow and intend to pass out embroidered polo shirts to potential customers, make sure they are good quality. Just because you are giving products out for free does not mean you can get away with being cheap. There is nothing more embarrassing than handing out gifts that fall apart or have poor stitching.

Remember to Sell

Never forget the most important thing when customising shirts for your enterprise- selling your brand. A polo t-shirt must clearly identify your brand and market it in a clever way. Part of that includes printing your business logo and tagline among other features. You have to decide the best way to showcase your business. A promo t-shirt is a walking advertisement that interacts with different people. Ensure you send a positive message that will shape a good image of your company.


The Benefits of Custom T-Shirts for Business Promotion,